MinnValley Mutual Insurance Company offers a variety of packaged property and casualty insurance products designed to meet the needs of farmers and homeowners located in southern Minnesota.

Farm silos next to a corn field.


Minnesota farms come in all shapes and sizes. We understand that and can offer tailored coverage to meet your specific farm insurance needs. Whether your farming operation includes livestock, grains, or organic farming, we understand.

A house at dusk with lights and a porch.


Protecting yourself and your investment from the hazards of life is vital. MinnValley Mutual Insurance Company offers a homeowners combination policy that includes home and personal property coverage, as well as, personal liability and loss of use coverage.

A boat at sunset.


Don’t let the name fool you. Inland Marine Coverage refers to a coverage that is added to a policy (often referred to as a “rider”) when the standard policy excludes or limits coverage on certain property. This is an inexpensive coverage for some of our most valuable possessions.

A sunset showing a deer stand on a prairie.


Coverage for the potential threat of a lawsuit is ever so important in protecting you and your assets. Unfortunately, you cannot control who can bring a claim against you, but knowing you have the proper liability coverage protection can provide peace of mind.